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Buffalo Team

Shay Yellowbird


Shay Yellowbird has worked with the Pre Employment Support Program as a Senior Advisor with Samson Cree Nation since 2014. He's currently in his 2nd year of his business administration diploma. His previous experience includes working with people in a variety capacities across a different industries such as social work, banking, sales, and customer service. 

Georgina Hnatiuk


Georgina Hnatiuk, status First Nation, member of Port Simpson, Lax Kw'alaams, BC. Intersectional viewpoints, being also of Norwegian and Ukrainian descent. Canadian Native
chiefs tell her that her responsibility is to serve as a “bridge” between nations; as a mediator for reconciliation and peace. Studied 4 years at the University of Manitoba; Native Studies,
History and Economics. Her main studies and interests were in Constitutionalism, International Law and Economic Policy, Supreme Court Law, Aboriginal Law, Charter Law, and the problems with Socialism and multi-lateral globalist encroachment. Georgina is also traditionally trained in Indigenous Native Plant Medicines, and she carries an interest in Intellectual Property Rights focusing on Native peoples. She supports Indigenous Rights and Aboriginal legal pluralism enshrined in the Constitution, yet she also supports Constitutional protectionism and Human Rights based on patriotic libertarian values, for all Canadians and cultures, no matter what race, ethnicity or religion.

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Mysty Mckinlay


Mysty is a Proud Conservative in Alberta, Researcher & TBT Contributor. Mysty has been out on the front lines, asking the tough questions that the mainstream media avoids. Studying history & having a natural talent for investigative research, she is not afraid to challenge political correctness, cancel culture and Marxist ideology. 

Brett Mooswa


Brett Mooswa is an Indigenous content creator from Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation. His use of comedy and heartfelt messages of hope have been seen and hear all over turtle island and abroad. His goal is to share love and laughter, believing laughter is a good medicine when done with loving intentions

Sean Morriseau


Sean Morriseau Also known as NativePoolBoy on social media is an indigenous content creator from northern Ontario. He makes content based on indigenous humour to help bring light to situations and topics that are sometimes are to discuss or are most times stereotypical. He believes that laughter is good medicine and is good for not only your mental health but physical health as well.

Lori Noël


Lori Noël contributes to several publications across the country. She’s a supporter of creative expression and gravitates towards themes of art and history. Lori founded LaBee Writing, a community of independent authors. Find her on Instagram @lorilabee or her website

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Rachel J. Pachal


Over the course of many years, Rachel has developed a passion for delving into cultural and political issues. Also a writer at heart, she has merged these two interests to communicate ideas and analysis using critical thought and principled reasoning, with a focus on how societal behaviours shape our political landscape over time.

Amiel Pion


Amiel Jules R. Pion is a second-year Political Science and History student from the University of Calgary, where he serves as the V.P Internal for its Campus Conservatives. Amiel writes about prevalent issues affecting Western Canada, in addition to political theory, as a junior columnist for The Buffalo Tribune.

AAron Wudkirk


Aaron joined the CTF as Federal Director in 2014. A lawyer by training, Aaron practiced litigation in his native Kitchener, Ontario, and then corporate law with a major international law firm in London, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, before returning to Canada to work with a prominent political consulting firm. Aaron holds a BA in economics and political science from the University of Waterloo, and a J.D. from the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario, where he served as student body president during his final year of studies. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and children.

Band Members Alliance and Advocacy Association (BMAAAC)

Band Members Alliance and Advocacy Association


The Band Members Alliance and Advocacy Association of Canada (BMAAAC – pronounced “bee mack”) is an autonomous, non-partisan, federal non-profit society. It is the only national organization dedicated to assisting Band members that demand good governance and financial accountability from their elected Chief and Council. Theyare funded by Canadians like you that care about putting an end to native Band Council misfeasance and financial scandals, and help Band members get access to justice to hold their elected representatives accountable. 

Sherry Greene

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Tansi, my name is Mahekun’iskwew translate into Wolf woman in our Cree Language (aka Sherry Greene). I am originally from Maskwacis, Alberta. I am a grassroots advocate for the Samson Cree Nation, and former MLA candidate for the Alberta Party. My education is a post secondary Diploma in professional Legal assistant Graduated in 2015.Restorative justice Training and accredited certification. 

Editorial Writer for the Buffalo Tribune media pertaining to the indigenous content. 


Founder of the National First Nation Transparency and Accountability Movement with 6,400 members from coast to coast. Working with BMAAAC is an excellent opportunity for me to learn and grow and to be actively engaged in an organization that can advance me further in my passion.

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