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Inuit Underrepresentation 

The Inuit have been unfortunately underreported, even within the broader umbrella of Canada’s Indigenous population. For example, in the Inuit-majority territory of Nunavut, only half of jobs in the territorial and federal governments are held by the Inuit themselves. Furthermore, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission found that Inuit students face one of the largest gaps in terms of educational attainment. Although Inuit children were taken from their parents, often with little in the way of consultation or consent, and were educated in an alien language and setting much like other Indigenous children under the residential schooling system, the outcome has been somewhat more grim for them. To this day, a disproportionately high number of northern parents are residential school survivors or intergenerational survivors (compared to other Indigenous groups) and Inuit students continue to face one of the largest gaps in educational attainment.

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